Understanding Alienation of Affection

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Many states have abolished the tort of alienation of affection. However, Mississippi is one of the six states that still recognizes the value of the marital relationship and has refused to abolish this traditional avenue of relief for aggrieved spouses. Many people simply do not realize that they have legal recourse against the individual who is considered responsible for ruining their marital relationship.

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Proving Alienation of Affection in Court

In typical cases, an aggrieved former-spouse brings a claim for damages against their ex-spouse’s significant other. Mississippi courts have awarded monetary damages for expenses caused by the wrongful conduct of that significant other.

In order to prevail on claims for alienation of affection, one must prove:

  • Wrongful conduct of the defendant
  • Loss of the spouse’s affection
  • Wrongful conduct caused the loss of the spouse’s affection

Mississippi courts do not require that you prove adultery to succeed; however, proof of adultery could potentially increase your award as adultery is a presumption of malice. This can often entitle a plaintiff to punitive and compensatory damages.

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