Avoiding Car Accidents This Holiday Season in Jackson, Mississippi

According to U.S.A. Today, 95 million Americans will drive over the holiday season to visit friends and family. If you are one of these people, staying safe during your holiday driving is likely foremost on your mind. Holiday driving can be particularly dangerous around Christmas and New Year’s Eve for many reasons. Not only are the days shorter, the weather cooler, and traffic generally worse, but more drivers might be getting behind the wheel after drinking. This can increase the risk of drunk driving accidents. If you or someone you love was hurt in a holiday accident due to a drunk driver, or if you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident during holiday driving due to another driver’s neglect, consider reaching out to the Law Offices of Malouf & Malouf, a car accident lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi. Risks of Winter Driving Winter driving poses a variety of unique risks and challenges. Not only are the days shorter and the weather cooler, but also the risk of encountering dangerous road conditions is far greater. Snow storms can make the roads slick. Drivers need to slow down for conditions, which might mean that the safe speed for travel is well below the posted speed limit. Black ice can be difficult to detect on roadways, and it doesn’t even need to be that cold for black ice to form. Winter driving can cause your windshield to fog up, and if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment, winter driving can be incredibly hazardous. What are some things you can do to stay safe and to prepare for holiday winter driving? Here are a few things to consider:
  • Make sure your car has windshield wiper fluid. Ice on your windows and mirrors can make it impossible for you to see the road ahead. If you can’t see, you can’t drive.
  • Check your tire pressure. Cooler days can change your tire pressure. Before heading out for a long holiday drive to see family or friends, check your tires. If your tires are old and worn, now might be the time to get those tires changed.
  • Battery Problems. Driving in colder weather on shorter days can be dangerous enough, but if you get stranded out in the cold due to battery problems, you can end up in a dangerous situation. Check your battery before leaving home, bring jumper cables with you, and have a plan for emergencies.
  • Bring a safety kit. Traveling to see family or friends for the holidays? Do you have what it takes to survive if you suffer a breakdown? A safety kit should include basics like a shovel, cat litter or sand to get you unstuck if your tires are stuck in snow, blankets and warm clothes, flashlights, snacks and water, phone chargers, an ice scraper, and a first aid kit. Check the roads you’ll be on. Some roads may even require chains by law.
  • Plan ahead. Check maps and weather reports before you head out. The last thing you want to do is drive right into a blizzard. Better to wait and be safe than to put you and your family in a dangerous situation.
These are just some things to keep in mind. If you don’t know what evasive maneuvers you can take should you start to skid on icy roads, now might be the time to learn. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. Adhering to basic road rules like putting down distractions like the cell phones, following posted speed limits, getting rest before driving, and not drinking and driving during the holidays can also go a long way to keeping yourself and everyone safe. If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident because of another driver’s actions behind the wheel, you may have certain rights under the law. Reach out to Malouf & Malouf, a car accident law firm in Jackson, Mississippi today to learn more. Drunk Driving, Accidents, and the Holidays The holidays are a time when people gather together, have parties, and drink. If you plan to drink, find an alternative way to get home, or find a designated driver. It can be devastating when you and your family take steps to stay safe, but your lives are disrupted or destroyed due to the actions of a drunk driver. If you were hurt in a drunk driving accident over the holidays, you and your family may have the right to seek damages for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Malouf & Malouf is a car accident law firm in Jackson, Mississippi that may be able to help you with your claim. Contact us today for a free initial consultation during which we can review your case, help you understand your rights, and the next steps. You can also reach us by contacting USAttorneys.com.
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