Divorce During Pandemic: What to Do If You Are in Lockdown with Your Former Partner

Couples who had been planning to get divorced before the pandemic may now find themselves stuck in lockdown with their former partner. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our economic reality. Many families that had been planning for a two-income divorce may find themselves facing life with one income or no income. Many divorcing couples may find themselves in lockdown with their former partner, trying to navigate separate life, together. It is challenging enough to go through divorce in normal circumstances. Divorcing individuals find themselves facing the reality of life alone and navigating the process of seeking external social connection. In lockdown and pandemic times, individuals may find themselves leaving their marriage, but with little prospect for social connection outside the home. Even visiting relatives has become more difficult in this difficult time. Psychology Today notes that many couples who otherwise would have built two separate homes after divorce might now find themselves still living together during their separation or divorce. How can couples navigate these challenges? One option can be to create solitary space in the home where you each can have private time. If you must share common living space, having a schedule for when these spaces will be used can be helpful to avoid conflict and to give both parties a sense of autonomy. Even in these lockdown times, many outdoor recreation spaces remain open and some places are in the process of re-opening as infection counts go down. Choosing safe activities outside the home can be incredibly helpful to maintaining a sense of autonomy and sanity. If you do plan to continue to live together after your divorce or during your divorce proceedings, having a divorce agreement that takes this into account is incredibly important. If you share a home together, how will expenses be divided? If you own the home, at what point will it be sold, and how will that decision be made or negotiated? If you share the home together, you may also need to consider some ground rules for what can and cannot be done in the home. What if your former partner wants to bring home a girlfriend or boyfriend? Navigating these questions now before they become an issue can help you avoid the shock of conflict later. At the end of the day, this is a tough time for us all, which can be much more difficult if you are facing divorce. Many couples have had to face the prospect of finalizing their divorce over Zoom. Malouf & Malouf is a divorce law firm in Jackson, Mississippi that works with couples navigating the divorce process. Our law firm can help you navigate some of the tough questions divorce can raise, like making decisions about what will happen to a shared family home, making custody decisions, and dividing property, assets, and debts. Reach out to us today or connect with USAttorneys.com to get matched with a lawyer at Malouf & Malouf today.
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