Have You Been Hurt on the Job?

Our Jackson Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Workers’ compensation is designed to protect employees and their loved ones against the hardships of injury or death arising from a work related injury. Mississippi law requires any business employing five or more staff members to provide workers’ compensation benefits. The law is designed to provide benefits to an employee for injuries that occur on the job, regardless of who is at fault. If you have been injured while performing work duties, whether in a car accident or slip and fall, the Law Offices of Malouf & Malouf, PLLC is here to help you pursue the support you deserve.

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How Do I File a Claim?

If you have a work-related injury that prevents you from returning to your job, you will likely qualify to receive compensation for lost wages. Your employer will also be responsible for paying for your healthcare needs under workers’ compensation laws. To ensure you receive fair workers’ compensation for your injury, it is crucial that you take certain steps following your workplace accident. Our firm can guide you through the process! These steps include the following:
  • Immediately notifying your employer. Prompt and accurate reporting is essential. Your employer is then required to make a report of the injury and notify the insurance company and the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • Get medical attention. As soon as you suspect a work-related injury, you should seek medical attention. You may not realize how serious your injuries are at first, but it is better to go than wait and let a condition worsen. Be sure to give your doctor a detailed account of your accident and what caused it.
  • Know your legal rights. You are entitled to see the doctor of your choice. Do not sign any documents that list another doctor as your doctor of choice. You may only get one chance to choose a doctor, and many companies will try to trick you into picking their private “company doctors.”
  • Consult with an attorney before you settle. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to discuss your case and make sure you are being treated fairly by your employer and insurance companies. We can review their offer and begin negotiations to secure maximum compensation for you.

Don’t Let an Injury Affect Your Future

If you or a family member has been injured at work, our experienced Jackson workers’ comp lawyers can help. We may be able to assist you in recovering workers’ compensation benefits, including compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, temporary disability, permanent disability, rehabilitative services, loss of earning capacity, and death benefits. Now is the time to get the legal counsel and support you need.

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