Car Accidents with Uninsured Motorists in Jackson, MS

It’s estimated that roughly 30% of Mississippi drivers are uninsured, which is one of the highest uninsured driver rates in the country. Like other states, Mississippi makes having car insurance a necessity for drivers, but our state still has an alarmingly high number of drivers on the road who are not covered. Even those who are covered often are only minimally covered, which means they can only provide $25,000 to accident victims if an accident occurs. If you’ve been hurt by an uninsured or an under-insured motorist, then you may feel as if you have no options to seek compensation. At the Law Offices of Malouf & Malouf, we committed to dispelling that perspective for our injured clients. Our experienced team of Jackson car accident lawyers knows how to pursue alternative options of recovering compensation when an uninsured driver has hurt our clients. We’ll aggressively pursue these options and ensure that our client stands the very best chance at receiving the relief they deserve.

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Your Options in an Uninsured Car Accident

If you’ve been hurt by an uninsured motorist, you fall into one of two possible categories: you either carry an uninsured motorist (UIM) policy, or you do not. Your status here determines what options you and your counsel have towards pursuing compensation for your injuries. The options are as follows:
  • If you have UIM insurance, then you are eligible to receive money from your own insurance provider. These companies sometimes offer low limits and are not always willing to provide this coverage. In these cases, it may be necessary for you and your counsel to fight for an appropriate sum of money.
  • If you do not have UIM insurance, then you may have to seek the compensation directly from the driver at fault. This involves filing an injury suit—and sometimes other liability claims—and taking them to court to recover the appropriate money.

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No matter what your circumstances are, the Law Offices of Malouf & Malouf is ready to help. We don’t believe a lack of insurance means that injury victims should have to suffer without the resources they need to recover from their accident as swiftly and comfortably as possible. Whether we have to take action against an individual or an insurance company, we can ensure that our client’s voice is heard. Schedule a free case evaluation if you have been injured in a car accident with an uninsured motorist!