Could Gene Therapy Help Treat Personal Injury Pain?

JACKSON, Mississippi. According to Wired, scientists are studying  how your genetics can affect your sensitivity level to pain.  Some individuals have a genetic condition that makes them immune to pain. These individuals break bones or get burned and feel nothing. Other individuals suffer from chronic pain that leaves them debilitated as a result of a gene mutation that they have. Studies of  these patient’s genetics  can give doctors insight to treating  other patient’s pain. .  It is known that an individual’s gene receptors play a major role in an individual’s sensitivity and perception of pain.   Scientist are trying to find novel treatments to manage pain with gene therapy that don’t involve opioids or other deadly pain killers.

Victims of personal injury or car accidents can be at risk of suffering from chronic pain. Broken bones, , back injuries, and neck injuries can leave patients with pain that can be difficult to treat. Many doctors resort to opioids or other pain killers to treat patient’s pain, but these drugs can be dangerous and addictive. With the overdose rate for opioid users climbing, more doctors are not prescribing these drugs, leaving some patients in pain or struggling to find other solutions to treat their pain.

Scientists have been studying why people who suffer from chronic pain experience greater degrees of discomfort. Scientists recently discovered how channels in nerve cells open wider and for longer periods of time in people who suffer from chronic pain. If doctors can change how long the nerve cells remain open or how wide they open, they can adjust individual’s responses to pain. Now, researchers are studying a drug that can block these channels in chronic pain patients, possibly improving their quality of life.

Cutting edge treatments for pain and rehabilitation following an injury can be costly. While the best treatments and rehabilitation centers are linked to better outcomes, better quality of life, and faster recovery, these treatments can be prohibitively expensive for many families—putting them out of reach. Yet, if you or a loved one was injured due to the neglect or negligence of another person or party, you may be entitled to receive a recovery to cover your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

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