Innovation in Prosthetic Limbs for Personal Injury Patients

JACKSON, Mississippi. No one likes to feel pain. However, pain is an important mechanism that tells us when our bodies are in danger. Pain lets us know it is time to take our hands off the stove,  or when it is time to get some rest if we’ve been pushing our bodies too hard. For individuals who have lost a limb due to a car accident or other personal injury, loss of pain and sensation in the affected limb can have an impact on quality of life. A prosthetic leg, for example, can’t feel the terrain or feel when it has struck an object that can cause it damage.

According to Gizmodo, researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine may be able to change this soon. Researchers used a synthetic layer of skin over a prosthetic limb, which could transmit feelings of pain to the person wearing the limb. Why would an amputee want to feel pain in a lost limb? Pain is closely linked to our sense of touch. A prosthetic limb that can feel pain may also eventually be able to transmit touch signals to a patient’s brain. One of the things that amputees often miss is the sense of touch in their lost limbs. This could be a major breakthrough for these patients. In fact, during the research, the patient using the smart prosthetic limb said he could discern the difference between objects that were round and sharp.

By being able to re-create pain, the doctors have been able to model how nerves in the skin work. The “nerves” in the prosthesis then translate the signals into electric signals, which then are processed by the brain as sensation.


Medical treatment, equipment and devices   for patients who have experienced serious injuries is improving all the time. However, access to cutting edge medical devices and medicine can be costly and may not always be covered by insurance. This is where patients who have suffered serious injury might need assistance. Malouf & Malouf are personal injury lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi who work closely with seriously injured patients. Our firm may be able to help you seek damages for your lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering after an accident. Contact the car accident lawyers at Malouf & Malouf, in Jackson, Mississippi today to learn more.

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